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Highland designs products based on customer and market demand. Feedback about future projects including interest, date of availability, specifications, etc. is instrumental to project planning. Suggestions for future projects are also carefully considered by both marketing and engineering personnel. E-mail all feedback concerning future Highland products to Highland's Engineering Department or call us directly at 415-551-1700.
V270 32-channel VME solid-state relay module

The V270 provides 32 bidirectional, independently isolated solid-state relays on a single-wide 6U VME module. Each SSR can switch up to 1 amp AC or DC at up to 50 volts peak, and is protected from over-current, over-temperature, and inductive flyback. Channels can be paralleled for higher currents. The module includes AC/DC switch voltage monitoring and built-in self-test.

PHP1064 Laser Pulse Module
PHP1064 Laser Pulse Module

Highland has integrated its T165 picosecond to nanosecond laser driver with Photodigm’s DBR 1064-nm butterfly laser. The configuration is ideal for OEM use in laser systems. The module has an onboard pulse width generator for optical pulse widths <100 ps to 850 ns and provides laser currents from 0 mA to 700 mA. The small footprint of the laser and driver package enables design into embedded applications.

P540 400 Hz Source

The P540 is an AC power source and amplifier. It works in two modes. With internal oscillator mode, a sine wave may be output anywhere in the range 300Hz-5kHz and up to 28Vrms. These settings may be adjusted either by turning two knobs on the front panel or by programming the module through the USB port. With external input mode, the user may supply a signal and the P540 acts as an amplifier/follower. The D25 connector makes it possible to connect directly to a Highland Technology model V545 VME synchro/LVDT simulation/acquisition module. The transformer-isolated output is capable of driving up to 30VA, and is therefore well-suited for bench-top testing of synchros, resolvers, gyros, LVDTs, and other equipment that runs on low-voltage AC.

D142 Laser Driver
D142 Laser Driver

The D142 is an ultra compact 2.5 Joule pulsed laser driver. Output laser current follows Standard CMOS / TTL input signals with pulse widths up to 500µs. The precision onboard constant-current source generates clean 0-200A current pulses into 25 volt bar lasers or VCSEL arrays. An onboard ribbon header enables remote control of program current and boost voltage; laser current, anode voltage and status monitoring is also provided. 12V DC operation, combined with an ultra-low 6 milliwatt standby power dissipation, is ideal for battery powered, field deployed embedded applications.

J124 1 to 4 Logic Buffer

The J124 logic buffer provides a fast 1 to 4 fanout buffer/inverter for digital logic signals. Input features a switchable 50R or high-impedance termination, as well as a switchable 10MHz bandpass filter for use as a clock distribution amplifier. Outputs can be switched between a low-impedance or 50R source, and the output high voltage is switchable between 3.3V and 5V. The short-circuit protected outputs can be used for any digital logic distribution application.

V260 64-channel VME analog output module

The V260 provides high channel-count analog outputs for dense simulation and profiling applications. Each of the 64 DACs supports 16-bit operation over a ±10V range, and is fully protected against shorts and transients. DACs are controlled by individual data registers; updating the DAC value requires nothing more than writing the new value. Optional BIST relays connect selectable outputs to a precision voltage monitor, or to the D9 OpenCal bus to allow verification against external equipment without disconnecting field-wiring connectors.