Highland Technology has over 500 customers in more than 30 countries. Some customers and their applications are highlighted below.
Embedded custom electronics for NMR/MRI systems
Embedded custom timing electronics for ICCD camera controllers
Custom function generation for radar test sets in electronic countermeasures
Simulation for avionic systems
Picosecond delay generation for particle accelerators
Frequency measurement and arbitrary waveform generation for aerospace systems
Pulse generation for nuclear fusion diagnostics and measurements
Instrumentation for testing of locomotive turbine engines
Compact delay generators for photonic systems
Measurement and simulation instrumentation for aircraft power systems
Instrumentation for superconductive magnet and cavity controllers and cryogenic temperature control
Custom timing systems, beam modulators, and diagnostics for National Ignition Facility
Waveform generators for flight simulator training
Electrical and fiber optic converters for diagnostic timing systems
Digital delay and pulse generation for DOD applications
Delay generators for research and development of cameras
Aircraft engine test and simulation instrumentation
Fiber optical and electrical converters for submarine communication systems
Specialized function generators for aircraft heads-up display controllers
APU airplane test cell instrumentation