Highland always wants to meet people with a talent and passion for electronic design. If you're interested in analog circuit and PCB design, low noise signal conditioning, high-speed time-domain electronics, free-space and fiber photonics, signals-and-systems, filtering, control, analog and DSP crunching, interfacing with physics, semiconductor fabrication, or scientific instrumentation for aerospace and industrial applications, we'd love to hear from you.

To apply for open positions, please send resume, schematics, or any other original electronic design demonstrations to Experience is always appreciated, but there are no minimal requirements. Recent graduates/interns should have a history of self-motivated projects and coursework in circuit theory, electromagnetics, S+S, and control theory.

Production Team Lead

Production Team Lead will lead manufacturing team members in electronic and mechanical assembly of Highland Technology products. Products comprise complex, high-density PCAs, cable assemblies, point-to-point wiring, and small chassis installations.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

Participating as an active member of the production assembly team by:

  • Populating PCBs on a production basis using hand-soldering and semi-automatic or automatic pick-and-place machines
  • Using hand tools, power tools, fixtures, and jigs to secure components and assemblies
  • Rework and assembly operations under microscope or other magnifying device
  • Follow and monitor adherence to quality standards
  • Following documentation including work orders, drawings, wiring diagrams, parts lists, engineering change orders, and procedures
  • Documenting work-in-process and completed projects
  • Understanding and following verbal instructions

Working with production supervisor to:

  • Plan and prioritize daily work schedules and allocate production resources
  • Monitor and review production activities for conformance to procedures, work instructions, and quality standards
  • Solve problems to ensure stable and efficient work flow
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Complete required documentation

Applicants should have experience in the listed activities.
Quality Control Inspector

A Quality Control Inspector will ensure that products adhere to quality standards. Products comprise complex, high-density PCAs, cable assemblies, point-to-point wiring, and small chassis installations.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Complete a job survey and verify job documentation is complete
  • Use visual means, AOI machine, and microscope to inspect PCAs and finished company products for conformance to BOM and acceptable quality standards
  • Accurately document the results of the inspections using Microsoft Office Tools and internal database
  • Reject non-conforming PCAs and identify rework necessary to correct non-conforming assemblies
  • Assist in the writing and updating of inspection procedures, criteria, protocol and checklists
  • Evaluate problems and make initial recommendations for possible corrective action
  • Work with production management and Quality Assurance to provide feedback to assemblers regarding accuracy of assembly procedures


  • Experience of at least 2 years in Electronic PCB Assembly preferred
  • Experience of at least 2 years in Quality Control preferred
  • Aptitude for learning new procedures and skills
  • Ability to operate a computer and basic software at a proficient level
  • Excellent English communication skills including ability to read, understand and explain process procedures and other necessary documentation
  • Work well and remain flexible in a team environment
  • Attention to detail
  • High school diploma or equivalent

Design Engineer
A design engineer will construct and guide high-performance electronic development projects through a wide variety of challenging requirements. Duties will include:
  • Establishing requirement specifications
  • Defining architecture
  • Designing circuits
  • Writing/supervising microprocessor and FPGA code
  • Creating production testing plans
  • Writing thorough product documentation
Applicants should have a record of success in designing complex electronics over a range of real-world problems.
Technician or Project Engineer
A technician or project engineer will work closely with design engineers to support product development and troubleshoot across many domains. Duties will include:
  • Researching, selecting, and testing components
  • Breadboarding circuits
  • Assisting in circuit, microprocessor and FPGA code, and production testing designs
  • Writing thorough product documentation
Applicants should be comfortable working with op-amps, basic transistor circuits, and analog filtering, and have skills in measurement and soldering.
Paid Internships
Highland will consider paid internships for students or recent graduates who have an exceptional enthusiasm and talent for electronic design.