In 1992, Highland Technology entered the VME market with the V460 source/measurement meter and V550 LVDT/RVDT scanner. Since then, Highland has maintained a consistent commitment to VME as an open, robust, and cost-effective platform for high channel count control, measurement, and simulation systems.

Highland Technology is a member of VITA, the VME standards body, and continues to release new technology into the VME market. As other bus architectures come and go, Highland remains confident that VME will maintain its position as the architecture of choice for essential, long life cycle programs.

V120 VME PCI express crate controller

Crate Controller - V120 VME bus master crate controller, usable as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller.
  • Cabled PCIe connects to PC
  • Provides 8192 16K VME mapping pages
  • Includes concurrent Ethernet and USB ports

V124 VXI PCI express crate controller

Crate Controller - V124 VXI bus master crate controller, usable as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller.
  • Cabled PCIe connects to PC
  • Provides 8192 16K VME mapping pages
  • Includes concurrent Ethernet and USB ports

V180 16-channel VME AC power analysis module

Power Analysis - V180 Allows accurate and comprehensive measurement of AC power circuits by acquiring powerline current and voltage inputs.
  • Pulse counting and KWH pulse output capability
  • Analog input capability
  • Waveform acquisition option

V210 64-channel VME relay module

Relay Module - V210 VME-2210 compatible relay module includes 64 SPDT relays and drivers, user-configured to operate in static or latching modes.
  • Provides 64 VME-controlled SPDT relays
  • Operates in static or latching mode
  • 2 A, 60 W, 250 VAC/220 VDC relay contacts

V220 12-channel VME current loop/process control I/O module

Current Loop I/O - V220 Drives and senses transducers in computer or PLC-based control systems, and simulates complex industrial processes.
  • 0-24 mA output using internal power source
  • Independently isolated/programmable channels
  • Continuous voltage and current measurement

V230 64-channel VME analog input module

Analog Input Module - V230 VME-3122 compatible analog input module provides high channel-count data acquisition for dense monitoring applications.
  • Automatically-scanned differential input
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 3 individually programmable bipolar input ranges

V250 64-channel VME digital input/output module

Analog Input Module - V230 Provides 64 non-isolated channels of digital input/output.
  • Programmable pull-ups and input thresholds
  • Inductive-load flyback clamping
  • Directly drives LEDs, SSRs, and FET gates

V280 48-channel VME isolated digital input module

Isolated Digital Input Module - V280 Provides 48 isolated digital inputs, with independently programmable rise and fall time responses for contact debounce or AC inputs.
  • 24V and 5V nominal input versions
  • Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection
  • Glitch-catch capability

V340 8-channel VME function generator with transformer coupling

Function Generator - V340 Provides eight DDS waveform outputs, each programmable for frequency and amplitude. Synchronizable in any combination of channels to produce polyphase signals.
  • Sine, sawtooth, triangle, square/pulse/PWM
  • 0 to 2 MHz with 0.004 Hz resolution
  • Channel sync provisions

V344 8-channel VME 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

Waveform Generator - V344 Generates eight independently programmable waveforms with standard functions, noise, and user-loaded arbitrary waveforms.
  • Programmable bandlimited Gaussian noise
  • 0-32 MHz outputs with milli-Hertz resolution
  • Channel synchronization across units

V346 8-channel VME 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator w/ complex modulation

Waveform Generator - V346 Generates sweeps, chirps, I/Q and constellations, and calibrated jitter, and simulates a wide range of radar, communications, power, encoders, and electro-mechanical systems.
  • Any-to-any channel summing and modulation
  • 0-32 MHz outputs with milli-Hertz resolution
  • Synchronization and coordination across units

V360 8-channel VME tachometer

Tachometer - V360 Acquires low frequency inputs from industrial speed sensors and measures frequency and period over a wide dynamic range.
  • Period/frequency/RPM measurement
  • High noise immunity
  • Conditions direct input from common speed sensors

V365 8-channel VME tachometer with overspeed/underspeed capability

Tachometer - V365 Provides V360 functions plus four independent overspeed blocks, each programmable to trip on static or latched overspeed or underspeed conditions.
  • Period/frequency/RPM measurement
  • High noise immunity
  • Accepts direct input from common speed sensors

V375 4-channel VME arbitrary waveform generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - V375 Provides accurate simulation of real-world sensor inputs, ideal for simulation of complex rotating machines.
  • 300 kHz output bandwidth
  • Multi-board synchronization up to 64 channels
  • Waveform jump and triggered burst capability

V380 8-channel VME strain gage/weighing module

Strain Gage/Weighing Module - V380 Excites and measures up to eight strain gage load cells, and includes tare (zero reference), DSP-based high-order filtering, averaging, and triggered weighing.
  • Supports digital filtering/triggered weighing
  • 16-bit resolution after tare compensation
  • All module functions are programmable

V385 8-channel VME strain gage/load cell module

Strain Gage/Load Cell Module - V385 Excites and measures up to eight strain gage load cells, with separate, remotely sensed excitation supply for each channel.
  • CMRR better than 100dB
  • Faster access to raw sensor data
  • Generic bridge-type transducer applications

V410 16-channel VME RTD/resistance input module

RTD/resistance Input Module - V410 The V410 is a 6U VME module that provides sixteen independent analog inputs that may be used to read cryogenic diodes, RTDs, thermistors, and other similar resistive sensors.
  • 16 independent, non-isolated input channels
  • 4-, 3-, and 2-wire sensor compatibility
  • Measures 1 ohm to 3 Megohms

V420 8-channel VME isolated resistance simulator

Resistance Simulator - V420 Eliminates transient errors associated with relay switching, and provides for monotonic resistance changes using entirely solid-state simulation.
  • Resistance ranges from 5 ohms to 65.5 Kohms
  • Isolated channels, wide-range, 2/4 wire
  • RTDs, thermistors, strain gages, load cells

V450 16-channel VME analog/thermocouple input module

Analog Input Module - V450 Acquires a wide range of DC voltages, including thermocouple temperatures, and includes four precise RTD reference junction sensors.
  • Fully isolated analog input acquisition
  • Input ranges from ±25 mV to ±250 volts
  • Reports temperature for types J K E T R S B N

V460 16-channel VME current source and analog measurement module

Analog Measurement - V460 Measures nearly any mixture of resistive-, bridge- or semiconductor-type sensors, using 4-wire connections.
  • Ideal for cryogenic temperature measurement
  • Ultrastable constant current source
  • Includes precision analog-to-digital converter

V470 16-channel VME analog output/thermocouple simulator module

Analog Output Module - V470 Simulates most common thermocouples with sixteen independent, isolated analog outputs that may be user-programmed to operate as voltage outputs or thermocouple simulators.
  • Thermocouple types J K E T R S B and N
  • 4 non-isolated precision RTD signal conditioners
  • Outputs from microvolts to ±12 V

V490 16-channel VME multi-range digitizer

Multi Range Digitizer - V490 Provides triggerable, simultaneous data acquisition for mid-speed tasks with programmable preamplification and filtering.
  • DSP filter modes from 1 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Simultaneous realtime and FIFO-buffered data
  • Sample rate up to 500 Ks/s per channel

V545 24-channel VME synchro/LVDT simulation/acquisition module

Synchro/LVDT Simulation - V545 Performs LVDT and synchro/resolver simulation and acquisition using internal or external excitation.
  • 24 transformer-isolated channels
  • Generalized ADC-DAC-DSP architecture
  • Realtime voltage and frequency measurement

V550 8-channel VME LVDT/RVDT scanner

LVDT/RVDT Scanner - V550 Acquires position data from up to 8 LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) position sensors.
  • Self-scanning with onboard microprocessor
  • 16-bit resolution w/ programmable noise filtering
  • Better than ±50 PPM accuracy

V660 12-channel VME picosecond resolution time-interval measurement module

Time-Interval Measurement - V660 Records the time of occurrence of twelve independent electrical pulse inputs, in time-interval or timestamp modes.
  • 32-bit resolution timestamper
  • Measures time intervals up to 6.71 seconds
  • Jitter typically < 75 picoseconds RMS

V680 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter

Time-to-Digital Converter - V680 Records the time of occurrence of eight independent electrical pulse inputs, each measured relative to a single, common reference input.
  • 48-bit, 48-picosecond resolution
  • Fast readout available 200 ns after events
  • Jitter typically < 40 picoseconds RMS

V720 6-channel VME buffered electrical-to-optical converter

Electrical-to-Optical Converter - V720 Converts ECL, NIM, TTL, and adjustable logic level inputs to fast, fiber-coupled optical signals for EMI-proof distribution of pulses, triggers, and precision timing signals.
  • Link jitter typically < 12 picoseconds RMS
  • Available in 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm
  • DC to 180 MHz bandwidth, < 250 ps E/O risetime

V730 6-channel VME optical-to-electrical converter

Optical-to-Electrical Converter - V730 Converts fiber-coupled laser signals to ECL, NIM, or TTL logic levels for EMI-proof distribution of pulses, triggers, and precision timing signals.
  • Link jitter typically < 12 picoseconds RMS
  • Propagation delay < 5 nanoseconds
  • DC to 180 MHz bandwidth, < 750 ps O/E risetime

V860 6-channel VME pulse amplifier

Pulse Amplifier - V860 Accepts user adjustable logic-level inputs and generates high-level, very fast positive output pulses.
  • Outputs up to 10 volts into 50 ohms
  • 3 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • 400 picosecond typical risetime at 10 volts

V880 8-channel VME delay generator for facility timing systems

Delay Generator - V880 Distributes picosecond-precision timing pulses across physically distributed facilities.
  • 3 s range, 1 picosecond resolution per channel
  • < 4 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • < 1 picosecond per degree C drift typical