Measurement & Simulation

Highland Technology offers a wide array of tools for measurement, simulation, and control. Tachometers, thermocouples, RTDs, precision voltages, current loops, strain gauges, and more can be measured or simulated by Highland's products.

P330 4-channel capacitive level sensor simulator

Capacitive Simulator - P300 Simulator of capacitive fuel or oil liquid level sensors can measure and report realtime excitation voltages and frequencies and simulate sensor faults.
  • Three ranges of 3-wire capacitance
  • Three ranges of resistance/conductance
  • 16 bit capacitance and conductance resolution

P470 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

Thermocouple Simulator - P470 Voltage source thermocouple simulator/calibrator for system-level testing of process control and critical systems.
  • 8 fully isolated analog output channels
  • Thermocouple simulator types K, J, T, etc.
  • 20-bit resolution

P545 12-channel synchro / LVDT simulation / acquisition module

Synchro/LVDT Simulator - P545 Sinewave processor intended for both simulation and acquisition of LVDTs, RVDTs, synchros, and resolvers.
  • 12 transformer-isolated channels
  • Generalized ADC-DAC-DSP architecture
  • Polyphase sine wave generation

P620 6-channel isolated resistance simulator

Resistance Simulator - P620 RTD and resistance simulator intended for system-level testing of process control systems, FADEC engine controllers, and other critical systems.
  • 4-wire resistance simulation on all channels
  • Resistance programmable: 5Ω-5MΩ in 5 ranges
  • Programmable for 100Ω & 1kΩ platinum RTDs

T680 5-channel ethernet time interval counter

Time Interval Counter/Stamper - T680 Five wide-range time stampers can snapshot the time of the rising edge of one electrical input.
  • Five-channel time-interval counter and stamper
  • 12.2 picoseconds resolution
  • 48-bit (3236 second) range

V120 VME PCI express crate controller

Crate Controller - V120 VME bus master crate controller, usable as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller.
  • Cabled PCIe connects to PC
  • Provides 8192 16K VME mapping pages
  • Includes concurrent Ethernet and USB ports

V124 VXI PCI express crate controller

Crate Controller - V124 VXI bus master crate controller, usable as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller.
  • Cabled PCIe connects to PC
  • Provides 8192 16K VME mapping pages
  • Includes concurrent Ethernet and USB ports

V180 16-channel VME AC power analysis module

Power Analysis - V180 Allows accurate and comprehensive measurement of AC power circuits by acquiring powerline current and voltage inputs.
  • Pulse counting and KWH pulse output capability
  • Analog input capability
  • Waveform acquisition option

V210 64-channel VME relay module

Relay Module - V210 VME-2210 compatible relay module includes 64 SPDT relays and drivers, user-configured to operate in static or latching modes.
  • Provides 64 VME-controlled SPDT relays
  • Operates in static or latching mode
  • 2 A, 60 W, 250 VAC/220 VDC relay contacts

V220 12-channel VME current loop/process control I/O module

Current Loop I/O - V220 Drives and senses transducers in computer or PLC-based control systems, and simulates complex industrial processes.
  • 0-24 mA output using internal power source
  • Independently isolated/programmable channels
  • Continuous voltage and current measurement

V230 64-channel VME analog input module

Analog Input Module - V230 VME-3122 compatible analog input module provides high channel-count data acquisition for dense monitoring applications.
  • Automatically-scanned differential input
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 3 individually programmable bipolar input ranges

V250 64-channel VME digital input/output module

Analog Input Module - V230 Provides 64 non-isolated channels of digital input/output.
  • Programmable pull-ups and input thresholds
  • Inductive-load flyback clamping
  • Directly drives LEDs, SSRs, and FET gates

V280 48-channel VME isolated digital input module

Isolated Digital Input Module - V280 Provides 48 isolated digital inputs, with independently programmable rise and fall time responses for contact debounce or AC inputs.
  • 24V and 5V nominal input versions
  • Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection
  • Glitch-catch capability

V360 8-channel VME tachometer

Tachometer - V360 Acquires low frequency inputs from industrial speed sensors and measures frequency and period over a wide dynamic range.
  • Period/frequency/RPM measurement
  • High noise immunity
  • Conditions direct input from common speed sensors

V365 8-channel VME tachometer with overspeed/underspeed capability

Tachometer - V365 Provides V360 functions plus four independent overspeed blocks, each programmable to trip on static or latched overspeed or underspeed conditions.
  • Period/frequency/RPM measurement
  • High noise immunity
  • Accepts direct input from common speed sensors

V380 8-channel VME strain gage/weighing module

Strain Gage/Weighing Module - V380 Excites and measures up to eight strain gage load cells, and includes tare (zero reference), DSP-based high-order filtering, averaging, and triggered weighing.
  • Supports digital filtering/triggered weighing
  • 16-bit resolution after tare compensation
  • All module functions are programmable

V385 8-channel VME strain gage/load cell module

Strain Gage/Load Cell Module - V385 Excites and measures up to eight strain gage load cells, with separate, remotely sensed excitation supply for each channel.
  • CMRR better than 100dB
  • Faster access to raw sensor data
  • Generic bridge-type transducer applications

V410 16-channel VME RTD/resistance input module

RTD/resistance Input Module - V410 The V410 is a 6U VME module that provides sixteen independent analog inputs that may be used to read cryogenic diodes, RTDs, thermistors, and other similar resistive sensors.
  • 16 independent, non-isolated input channels
  • 4-, 3-, and 2-wire sensor compatibility
  • Measures 1 ohm to 3 Megohms

V420 8-channel VME isolated resistance simulator

Resistance Simulator - V420 Eliminates transient errors associated with relay switching, and provides for monotonic resistance changes using entirely solid-state simulation.
  • Resistance ranges from 5 ohms to 65.5 Kohms
  • Isolated channels, wide-range, 2/4 wire
  • RTDs, thermistors, strain gages, load cells

V450 16-channel VME analog/thermocouple input module

Analog Input Module - V450 Acquires a wide range of DC voltages, including thermocouple temperatures, and includes four precise RTD reference junction sensors.
  • Fully isolated analog input acquisition
  • Input ranges from ±25 mV to ±250 volts
  • Reports temperature for types J K E T R S B N

V460 16-channel VME current source and analog measurement module

Analog Measurement - V460 Measures nearly any mixture of resistive-, bridge- or semiconductor-type sensors, using 4-wire connections.
  • Ideal for cryogenic temperature measurement
  • Ultrastable constant current source
  • Includes precision analog-to-digital converter

V470 16-channel VME analog output/thermocouple simulator module

Analog Output Module - V470 Simulates most common thermocouples with sixteen independent, isolated analog outputs that may be user-programmed to operate as voltage outputs or thermocouple simulators.
  • Thermocouple types J K E T R S B and N
  • 4 non-isolated precision RTD signal conditioners
  • Outputs from microvolts to ±12 V

V490 16-channel VME multi-range digitizer

Multi Range Digitizer - V490 Provides triggerable, simultaneous data acquisition for mid-speed tasks with programmable preamplification and filtering.
  • DSP filter modes from 1 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Simultaneous realtime and FIFO-buffered data
  • Sample rate up to 500 Ks/s per channel

V545 24-channel VME synchro/LVDT simulation/acquisition module

Synchro/LVDT Simulation - V545 Performs LVDT and synchro/resolver simulation and acquisition using internal or external excitation.
  • 24 transformer-isolated channels
  • Generalized ADC-DAC-DSP architecture
  • Realtime voltage and frequency measurement

V550 8-channel VME LVDT/RVDT scanner

LVDT/RVDT Scanner - V550 Acquires position data from up to 8 LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) position sensors.
  • Self-scanning with onboard microprocessor
  • 16-bit resolution w/ programmable noise filtering
  • Better than ±50 PPM accuracy

V660 12-channel VME picosecond resolution time-interval measurement module

Time-Interval Measurement - V660 Records the time of occurrence of twelve independent electrical pulse inputs, in time-interval or timestamp modes.
  • 32-bit resolution timestamper
  • Measures time intervals up to 6.71 seconds
  • Jitter typically < 75 picoseconds RMS

V680 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter

Time-to-Digital Converter - V680 Records the time of occurrence of eight independent electrical pulse inputs, each measured relative to a single, common reference input.
  • 48-bit, 48-picosecond resolution
  • Fast readout available 200 ns after events
  • Jitter typically < 40 picoseconds RMS

K20 8- or 16- channel energy survey meter/recorder

Energy Survey Meter/Recorder - K20 Measures, logs, and acquires electrical energy, pulse counts, temperatures, and analog input.
  • Electric submetering of multiple loads
  • Apartment submetering/energy allocation
  • True RMS power measurement