Laser Drivers & Controllers

Highland Technology offers off the shelf and OEM solutions for many laser driver and control needs including:

Fast Laser Diode Drivers

T165 picosecond to nanosecond laser diode pulser

Diode Laser Pulser - T165 Combines a picosecond class pulse width generator with a precision laser diode driver.
  • Edge-triggered pulse, user adjustable width
  • Optical pulse widths from 100 ps to 850 ns
  • Laser currents up to 700 mA

T160 picosecond to nanosecond laser diode driver

Diode Laser Driver - T160 Accepts LVDS or TTL logic inputs, and laser drive pulse width follows the input waveform.
  • Edge-triggered pulse, input defined width
  • Optical pulse widths from 100 ps to 50 µs
  • Laser current up to 700 mA

D100 compact 250A laser driver

High Current Laser Driver - D100 Drives bar laser stacks or VCSEL arrays up to 250 amps and 30 volts.
  • Configurable for input / user-defined pulse width
  • Risetime / falltime 10 microseconds typical
  • Peak current and pulse width limiting circuits

D200 diode laser driver

Diode Laser Driver - D200 DC-coupled fast laser driver provides up to 4 amps of regulated constant current.
  • Drive current up to 4A, 0 to 100% duty cycle
  • Edge-triggered pulse generator up to 1 ms width
  • Rise/fall times, 2 nanoseconds typical

Fast Pulse Generators for Optical Modulation

J240 single-channel compact pulse generator

Pulse Generator - J240 Generates fast complementary rectangular or Gaussian outputs with external triggering and adjustable trigger levels.
  • Risetime / falltime 60 picoseconds typical
  • User-adjustable amplitude from 0 to 750 mV
  • Factory-set or input-defined pulse width

T240 single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

Pulse Generator - T240 Generates fast complementary pulse outputs with external triggering and programmable amplitude, width, and delay.
  • Risetime / falltime 75 picoseconds typical
  • Programmable amplitude from 0 to 750 mV
  • Pulse width down to 100 picoseconds FWHM

Digital Delay Generators

T560 4-channel compact digital delay and pulse generator

Digital Delay Generator - T560 Accepts an internal or external trigger and generates four precise output pulses, each user programmable in time delay and width.
  • 20 nanosecond insertion delay
  • 16 MHz max trigger rate
  • 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 s range

T564 4-channel compact advanced digital delay and pulse train generator

Digital Delay Generator - T564 Allows a scenario of more than 8000 frames to be preloaded and then executed in rapid succession, advancing automatically as triggers are received.
  • 20 nanosecond insertion delay
  • 16 MHz max trigger rate
  • 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 s range

Custom Laser Controllers

The following custom designs are to show capability only and are not available for purchase by the general public.
Contact Highland Technology for information on custom timing solutions for your laser system.
T900 Laser Timing Unit
T900 Laser Timing Unit
The T900 is a custom embedded laser timing unit. It manages high-rate laser timing on a shot-by-shot basis, with picosecond resolution of both laser system drive and photodiode diagnostics. A significant fraction of the world's production of nanometer-resolution ICs are manufactured by equipment that uses the T900 for critical timing.
T400 Precision Laser Beam Modulator
T400 Precision Laser Beam Modulator
The T400 is an integrated beam-profile modulator for large-scale fusion and other high-energy laser installations. It provides picosecond-resolution 16-bit amplitude modulation, rectangular optical gate drive, e/o modulator bias, and timing fiducials. Input, output, and trigger are single-mode fiberoptics, and control is via Ethernet. T400s are used to modulate the world's biggest laser, the 192-beam megajoule NIF laser fusion facility in Livermore, California.