Digital Delay Generators

Highland has introduced three unique features to digital delay generation: a "Queued Updates" feature allows time settings to be changed without corrupting ongoing timings; a "Train" feature allows multiple pulses to be generated from each trigger; and a "Frames" feature allows complex delay sweeps and pulse scenarios to be pre-loaded and rapidly executed. Digital delay and pulse generators are available in 1-6 channels, with square, Gaussian, and arbitrary waveshapes, and insertion delays as low as 10 nanoseconds.

P400 4-channel benchtop digital delay and pulse generator

Digital Delay and Pulse Generator - P400 Generates delays up to 1000 seconds in 1 picosecond increments, on four separately programmable delay-and-width outputs.
  • 25 nanosecond insertion delay
  • < 10 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • 1 picosecond resolution

T560 4-channel compact digital delay and pulse generator

Digital Delay Generator - T560 Accepts an internal or external trigger and generates four precise output pulses, each user programmable in time delay and width.
  • 20 nanosecond insertion delay
  • 16 MHz max trigger rate
  • 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 s range

T564 4-channel compact advanced digital delay and pulse train generator

Digital Delay Generator - T564 Allows a scenario of more than 8000 frames to be preloaded and then executed in rapid succession, advancing automatically as triggers are received.
  • 20 nanosecond insertion delay
  • 16 MHz max trigger rate
  • 10 ps delay and width resolution, 10 s range

V880 8-channel VME delay generator for facility timing systems

Delay Generator - V880 Distributes picosecond-precision timing pulses across physically distributed facilities.
  • 3 s range, 1 picosecond resolution per channel
  • < 4 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • < 1 picosecond per degree C drift typical

Pulse Generators

Highland Technology pulse generators translate low-level signals with slow edges into clean, fast pulses with amplitudes of up to 100V. DC and transformer coupled models are available.

J240 single-channel compact pulse generator

Pulse Generator - J240 Generates fast complementary rectangular or Gaussian outputs with external triggering and adjustable trigger levels.
  • Risetime / falltime 60 picoseconds typical
  • User-adjustable amplitude from 0 to 750 mV
  • Factory-set or input-defined pulse width

J750 single-channel compact wideband amplifier

Wideband Amplifier - J750 Amplifies DC to 1 GHz signals with loop-through (signal pickoff) and photodiode modes.
  • Risetime < 350 picoseconds
  • Fixed gain of 100, DC to 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Adjustable DC offset

T240 single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

Pulse Generator - T240 Generates fast complementary pulse outputs with external triggering and programmable amplitude, width, and delay.
  • Risetime / falltime 75 picoseconds typical
  • Programmable amplitude from 0 to 750 mV
  • Pulse width down to 100 picoseconds FWHM

T680 5-channel ethernet time interval counter

Time Interval Counter/Stamper - T680 Five wide-range time stampers can snapshot the time of the rising edge of one electrical input.
  • Five-channel time-interval counter and stamper
  • 12.2 picoseconds resolution
  • 48-bit (3236 second) range

T750 4-channel compact high-voltage driver

High Voltage Driver - T750 Adjustable global logic level input/output levels accept LVDS, TTL, LVTTL, and LVPECL trigger, and output clean, flat pulses from an input comparator and a transformer-coupled HV power output stage.
  • User adjustable 5 to 100 V electrical outputs
  • < 25 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • Typical risetime 3 nanoseconds

T760 dual-channel compact high voltage optical-to-electrical converter

Optical-to-Electrical Converter - T760 Converts two digital fiberoptic inputs into high-level isolated electrical pulse outputs.
  • Link jitter typically < 15 picoseconds RMS
  • User adjustable 5 to 80-100 V electrical outputs
  • Risetimes < 1-2.5 nanoseconds

T840 2-channel high voltage driver

High Voltage Driver - T840 Drives PLZT electro-optical modulators, piezo elements, vacuum photo devices, and similar capacitive loads.
  • Two independently controlled channels
  • Generates 0 to +1200 volt fast pulses
  • TTL trigger

T860 single-channel compact logic buffer and driver

Logic Buffer/Driver - T860 Incorporates a differential-input comparator and an output driver stage which has adjustable low and high levels and 50 ohm output impedance.
  • Level translator, fet/laser driver, clock buffer
  • Usable from DC to 1 GHz
  • Rise/fall times < 225 picoseconds

V860 6-channel VME pulse amplifier

Pulse Amplifier - V860 Accepts user adjustable logic-level inputs and generates high-level, very fast positive output pulses.
  • Outputs up to 10 volts into 50 ohms
  • 3 picosecond RMS jitter typical
  • 400 picosecond typical risetime at 10 volts

Gated/Triggered Precision Oscillators

Highland Technology can provide precision G/TO series gated/triggered oscillators for OEM applications, based on core technology used in Highland digital delay generators.

Gated/Triggered Precision Oscillator Series

Gate Triggered Oscillator Precision clock oscillators that start instantly when an external gate signal is received.
  • Starts within nanoseconds of gate/trigger input
  • Stops within 2-4 cycles, ready to retrigger
  • Available from 1 MHz to 1 GHz