Gated/Triggered precision oscillators

Gate Triggered Oscillators
  • Generates instant-start precision clock outputs
  • Starts coherently within nanoseconds of gate/trigger input
  • Stops within 2-4 cycles, ready to retrigger
  • Available from 1 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Picosecond jitter levels from trigger to clock edges
  • Input and output logic levels include CMOS, ECL, CML, and LVDS
  • Crystal-controlled accuracy with optional internal XO, TCXO, or OCXO
  • Optional external frequency reference
  • Available as PCB subassemblies or packaged, connectorized units
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Highland Technology can provide precision G/TO series gated/triggered oscillators for OEM applications, based on core technology used in Highland digital delay generators.

G/TO oscillators are precision clock oscillators that start instantly when an external gate signal is received. The first logic-level output edge begins nanoseconds after the trigger, and is followed by uniformly spaced clock edges. The oscillators completely recover, and can be restarted, in four clock periods or less. Optional crystal oscillators or external frequency references allow arbitrary precision yet maintain instant-on trigger coherence.

FUNCTION Instant-start, externally-triggered clock oscillator series
Oscillator burst runs when logic input is true
PROPAGATION DELAY First clock edge lags gate by 1-5 ns
RESET TIME 2-4 clock periods, gate off to restart ready
FREQUENCY Available from 1 MHz to 1 GHz
± 0.1% typical without XO or external reference options
JITTER Down to 2 ps RMS trigger-to-clock and clock period for short delays
(2e-7 * delay) typ for long delays, undisciplined
CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR OPTION Internal XO, TCXO, or OCXO disciplines oscillator frequency, phase noise, and long-delay jitter without compromising trigger coherence
EXTERNAL REFERENCE Optional external reference disciplines oscillator without compromising trigger coherence
VCO OPTION Analog or SPI input trims clock frequency
PACKAGING OEM PCB assembly or packaged/connectorized enclosure

PDF Datasheet: Gated/Triggered precision oscillators

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