V860 6-channel VME pulse amplifier

Pulse Amplifier - V860
  • Outputs up to 10 volts into 50 ohms
  • Sub-nanosecond risetime: 400 picoseconds typical at 10 volts
  • Low added jitter: 3 picoseconds RMS typical
  • Adjustable input threshold and polarity allow input from ECL, TTL, NIM, and other logic levels
  • Channel cascade feature allows multiple pulse fanout configurations
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The V860 is a multichannel pulse amplifier packaged as a standard VME module. It accepts logic-level inputs and generates high-level, very fast positive output pulses.

FUNCTION Multichannel digital pulse amplifier
INPUTS Six logic inputs, threshold from -2.5 to +2.5 volts, common trimpot adjustment, factory set to +1.25 volts
Maximum safe input is ±4 volts
Per-channel switches are provided to select input polarity and input termination, 50Ω to ground or high impedance
Factory setting is positive, terminated
Channel inputs may be cascaded such as to drive multiple outputs from one input
One common TTL-level GATE input disables all outputs when pulled low
OUTPUTS Six positive pulses, active pullup, passive pulldown; customer termination to ground is required
Pulse amplitude is adjustable from +4 to +10 volts into a 50Ω load, with common adjustment for all channels
Factory set to +5 volts
Pullup output impedance is 2Ω nominal; pulldown is 500Ω nominal
Output current limit is 300 ma peak, 80 ma average
Risetime 500 ps max; falltime 5 ns max
PROPAGATION DELAY Rising edge, 3.5 ns typical; falling edge, 10 ns typical
JITTER Rising edge, less than 5 ps RMS added jitter
Falling edge, less than 25 ps RMS added jitter
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 volts, 200 mA max
+12 volts, 360 mA max (plus load current)
-12 volts, 150 mA max
V860-2 LEMO
V860-3 SMA
PACKAGING Single-wide 6U VME module
CONFORMANCE VMEbus per ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002)
The module does not interface to the VME data bus, and passes all VME grant lines

PDF Datasheet: V860 pulse amplifier

PDF Manual: V860 pulse amplifier

V860-1: 6-channel VME pulse amplifier with SMB connectors

V860-2: 6-channel VME pulse amplifier with LEMO connectors

V860-3: 6-channel VME pulse amplifier with SMA connectors

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable