V680 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter

Time to Digital Converter - V680
  • 8-channel, 48-bit, 48 picosecond resolution
  • Measures events up to 6800 seconds before or after common trigger, or 0 to +13,700 seconds after trigger
  • Adjustable trigger levels and edge polarity
  • Usable as 9-channel independent time-stamper
  • Fast readout available 200 nanoseconds after events
  • Jitter typically below 40 picoseconds RMS
  • Ultrastable ovenized quartz crystal timebase
  • Optional custom internal microengine
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The V680 is an 8-channel time-to-digital converter used to record the time of occurrence of eight independent electrical pulse inputs, each measured relative to a single, common reference input. Each input channel can time its event "hit" with 48.82-picosecond resolution and 48-bit dynamic range.

The module has provisions for adjustable input logic levels, selectable input edge polarity, and selectable termination.

The V680 employs a highly linear interpolation technique which requires a minimum of adjustments. Data is available within 200 nanoseconds of the completion of the measured time intervals, and the module may be cleared and rearmed in less than one microsecond. All features are switch selectable.

FUNCTION 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter
DEVICE TYPE Register based slave: A16:D16:D08(EO)
INPUTS One common reference input (T8)
Eight individual event inputs (T0-T7)
One external input (GATE) enables event channels
Two inputs (AUX) support custom control logic
One clock I/O (CLK)
INPUT LEVELS The thresholds of the event inputs are adjustable as a group in the range ±2.5 V
Their impedance (high-Z or 50Ω) and polarity (rising or falling edge) can also be selected individually
The GATE input has a separate threshold level adjustment. Its impedance (high-Z or 50Ω) and polarity (high or low) are also selectable
The AUX inputs are TTL-compatible
OUTPUTS AUX1 normally indicates module armed and ready to accept an event
RESOLUTION 48.828125 ps, equivalent to 20.48 GHz clock
RANGE 48 bits (±6871 sec) for bipolar mode
JITTER <(75ps + 2x10-9 x delay) RMS
TIMEBASE Internal ovenized crystal oscillator
Accuracy 0.01 PPM/°C aging <1 PPM/year
Internal phase-lock-loop allows utilization of an external 10 MHz timebase
POWER Standard VME supplies :
+5: 2.8 A max
+12: 1.1 A max at startup, 600 mA max after warm-up
-12: 1.4 A max at startup, 800 mA after warm-up
CONNECTORS Standard SMB; optional LEMO
INDICATORS LEDs indicate module access and acquisition/readout mode status
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module

PDF Block Diagram: V680 time-to-digital converter

PDF Datasheet: V680 time-to-digital converter

PDF Manual: V680 time-to-digital converter

V680-1: 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter with SMB connectors

V680-2: 8-channel VME time-to-digital converter with LEMO connectors

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable