V380 8-channel VME strain gage/weighing module

Strain Gage/Weighing Module- V380
  • Excites and measures up to eight strain gage load cells
  • Includes smart tare, calibration, and weigh functions
  • Onboard 32-bit processor supports digital filtering, triggered weighing, and custom computations
  • 16-bit (65536 count) resolution after tare compensation
  • Clean, logical VME bus interface is well suited to PLC-based weighing applications
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The V380 is a VME/VXI compatible eight-channel strain-gage signal conditioner which is optimized for load-cell weighing applications. The module includes tare (zero reference), DSP-based high-order filtering, averaging, triggered weighing, and other functions not commonly available in conventional strain-gage signal conditioners. Filtering and averaging are programmable with fine granularity to allow precise optimization of high-speed weighing applications.

All module functions are programmable; except for the VME-bus address switch, the module has no jumpers, switches, or trimpots. All parameters, tare values, and calibration factors are retained in nonvolatile memory.

FUNCTION 8-channel load cell module
DEVICE TYPE Register-based slave: A16:D16:D08(EO)
512-byte data block in bus A16 address range (VME short I/O space)
Bus address is set by onboard dipswitch
CHANNELS 8 load cells
EXCITATION Onboard remote-sensed bridge excitation source, 10-volt standard; 40mA max per-channel load
INPUTS Eight differential inputs
CMRR better than 100dB
Input impedance is 60 MΩ typical
Maximum input ±50 mV (equivalent to 5 mV/V excitation)
RESOLUTION 16 bits (65536 counts) MAX after tare and calibration
One 24-bit ADC per channel, 32-bit after filtering, 92.132 pV per LSB
TARE On-demand, per-channel subtraction of reference weight up to full-scale signal range
FILTERING Programmable digital filtering (Bessel in 0.1 sec, 0.2 sec, and 0.4 sec risetime) and averaging (last N samples)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 V: 1.5 A max
+12 V: 0.6 A
-12 V: 0.2 A
CONNECTORS One front-panel 25-pin D-sub female
INDICATORS Three LEDs indicate microprocessor heartbeat, VME access, and pass/fail status
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module
CONFORMANCE ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002) VMEbus spec
OPTIONS Other excitations, signal ranges, filtering available

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