V350 4-channel VME analog and digital pattern generator

Analog and Digital Pattern Generator - V350
  • 4 analog + digital waveform generators
  • Command-table driven architecture
  • 1 Mword memory per channel
  • 40 MHz clock
  • Synchronous or independent channel operation
  • Self-test and demo modes
  • Ideal for radar and sonar simulation
  • HUD Vector character generator version available

This product is obsolete. Consult factory for more information.

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The V350 is a 4-channel VME analog/digital function generator that generates arbitrary waveshapes synchronized with logic-level outputs, as might be used in control systems or radar simulation, or other COTS applications.

Each V350 channel generates one 12-bit analog waveform and up to four digital outputs by scanning sequential data points stored in user-loadable memory. Outputs are processed by digital-to-analog converters, smoothing filters, and output amplifiers.

Output stage multiplexing allows flexible configuration, and channels may operate independently or may be synchronized within a module or across modules.

Control and waveform generation operate at full 40-MHz rate or programmed sub-multiples. An option allows waveform generation synchronous to an external trigger without the jitter resulting from quantization to the local clock.

Each channel has 1 Mword of waveform memory controlled through a 512-block command table that includes Play, Delay, Wait, and Stop commands, conditional jump, and flag control.

Self-test and Demo modes allow quick evaluation and verification.

FUNCTION 4-channel analog/digital waveform synthesis VME module
DEVICE TYPE 16-bit VME register-based slave: A24:A16:D16
Implements 128 16-bit registers at switch-selectable addresses in the VME 16- or 24-bit addressing spaces
OUTPUTS Four channels of arbitrary waveform output, 0:10 volts max, 50Ω output impedance, 100 mA max
Bandwidth 300-KHz full power min
Four TTL-level pulse outputs
TTL-level waveform sync and pulse sync outputs
INPUTS One 10-MHz clock input/output
Four TTL-level logic inputs
WAVE MEMORY 1M x 16 bits per channel (12 DAC bits, four digital bits)
ACCURACY Amplitude ±1%
Frequency ±1 PPM, lockable to external 10 MHz reference
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 volts, 1.75 A max
+12 volts, 200 mA max (plus load current)
-12 volts, 100 mA max
CONNECTORS SMA female connectors for waveform outputs, pulse outputs, clock
D9 female for two sync outputs and four logic inputs
INDICATORS LEDs indicate processor heartbeat and VME access
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module
CONFORMANCE VMEbus per ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002)

PDF Block Diagram: V350 analog and digital pattern generator

PDF Datasheet: V350 analog and digital pattern generator

PDF Manual: V350 analog and digital pattern generator

V350-1: 4-channel VME analog and digital pattern generator with conformal coating

V350-2: 4-channel VME analog and digital pattern generator without conformal coating

J44: 3' SMA to SMA cable