V346 8-channel VME 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator w/ complex modulation

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - V346
  • 8 channels of independently programmable sine, sawtooth, triangle, and square/PWM/pulse, Gaussian noise, and arbitrary waveform generation
  • Channel-channel modulation: AM, FM, PM, PWM, and channel summing
  • Output range 0 to 32 MHz with sub-millihertz resolution
  • DC coupled 50-ohm outputs to 10.24 volts peak-to-peak
  • Channel/board sync provisions allow generation of polyphase or synchronized waveforms, across unlimited channels
  • Bandlimited Gaussian noise generation allows direct noise output, modulation, noise floor summing, and calibrated jitter
  • PWM facility generates precision digital outputs for motion control or optical encoder simulation
  • External TTL controlled channel updates and resets simplify system integration
  • Includes built-in self-test (BIST) and channel test connector
  • Clean, easy-to-program architecture
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The V346 provides eight independent digitally synthesized waveform outputs, each programmable for frequency, amplitude, and phase.

Channel-channel modulation, summing, synchronization, and noise generation allow complex coordinated waveform generation within one module or across multiple modules. Hundreds or thousands of channels may be exactly synchronized through local electrical or remote fiberoptic links. Any output may be switched to a front-panel test connector, allowing in-crate calibration check without removing field cables.

The signal-processing capability of the V346 is sufficiently general that a wide range of complex functions can be easily programmed from the "first principles" of signal/systems theory. This includes quadrature signal generation, DSB/SSB of arbitrary waveforms, sweeps and chirps, QAM/constellation generation, frequency hopping, FSK generation, multichannel frequency tracking, and quantitative control of noise and jitter.

One or more V346 modules may also be used to simulate complex, high-channel-count processes, such as radar and sonar arrays, complex rotating machinery and structural systems, diesel/jet engine simulation, stationary and aircraft AC power systems, thyristor/IGBT phase control, and many others.

The T346, a compact stand-alone, non-VME, RS-232/Ethernet controlled version of the V346, is also available for embedded applications.

The V346 can be an ideal system replacement for the HP models 3314A, 3325A, 3325B, 3326A, 8111A, 8116A, 8165A, 8175A, and 8904A.

FUNCTION 8-channel VME 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator
DEVICE TYPE 16-bit VME register-based slave: A24:A16:D16
Implements 256 16-bit registers at switch selectable addresses in the VME 16 or 24 bit addressing spaces
STANDARD WAVEFORMS Sine, sawtooth, triangle, Gaussian noise, or square/pulse/PWM outputs
ARBITRARY WAVEFORM 4096 point, 16 bit user-loadable arbitrary waveform with programmable hardware interpolation
SIGNAL SWING Normal range: ±5.12 V ±1%
Attenuated range: ±1.024 V ±1%
DC OFFSET ±2 mV typ, 15-35°C
±10 mV max, 0-60°C
GAIN ERROR ±0.5 % max
FLATNESS -0.1 dB @ 12 MHz typical
-1 dB @ 32 MHz typical
-3 dB @ 46 MHz typical
Amplitude rolls off monotonically with frequency
FREQUENCY RANGES High range: 0 to 32 MHz with 0.0149 Hz resolution
Mid range: 0 to 4 MHz with 0.0018 Hz resolution
Low range: 0 to 250 KHz with 116 µHz resolution
GAUSSIAN NOISE Programmable amplitude 0 to 1 V RMS, programmable 3 dB bandwidth 0 to 2 MHz
SUMMING Any channel may be summed with the output of channel 1 to 7, cascadable in any groupings
Sums may be modulation sources
MODULATION Any channel may be amplitude, frequency, phase, or PWM modulated by the outputs of channels 1 to 7, in any combination
SYNC OUTPUTS 0 to 5 V square wave; ±24 mA max
TTL COMMAND Programmable edge sensitive input
TTL RESET Programmable level sensitive input
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 V, 1.5 A max
+12 V, 750 mA max
-12 V, 750 mA max
CONNECTORS SMB jacks for channel/test outputs, clock input, and SYS bus (SMA and LEMO connectors available by special order)
50-pin SCSI-type female for AUX outputs
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module
CONFORMANCE ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002) VMEbus spec; does not support byte writes

PDF Block Diagram: V346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

PDF Datasheet: V346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

PDF Manual: V346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

V346-1: 8-channel VME 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator w/ complex modulation

J51: 3' shielded-pair 50 pin male SCSI cable

J52: 6' shielded-pair 50 pin male SCSI cable

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable

J340: 50 pin SCSI female BNC termination panel for V34x series digital synchronization outputs

J346-X: SMB trigger bus cable