V250 64-channel VME digital input/output module

Digital Input Output Module - V250
  • 64 independent channels, each programmable as a digital input or output
  • Open-drain outputs can sink loads up to 200 mA and 40 volts
  • Inductive-load flyback clamping is included
  • Logic-level inputs have programmable thresholds from 0 to +10 volts
  • In/Out resistor pull-ups are programmable from 0 to +10 volts
  • Programmable input debounce allows direct interface to switches and relay contacts
  • Can directly drive LEDs, SSRs, and FET gates
  • Clearly labeled dipswitches set VME address; no jumpers, headers, or trimpots
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The V250 is a single-wide, 6U VME module that provides 64 non-isolated channels of digital input/output. Each 16-channel bank shares programmable pull-ups and input thresholds with a range of 0 to +10 volts. Open-drain drivers can sink up to 200 milliamps and withstand up to +40 volts. Drivers include flyback clamps, which conduct at +45 volts nominally, to allow low-side drive of relay coils from up to 36 volts. Each channel has a programmable digital debounce with delays of 1 millisecond, 10 milliseconds, and 100 milliseconds.

FUNCTION 64-channel digital input/output module
DEVICE TYPE 16-bit VME register-based slave: A24:A16:D16;
Implements 256 16-bit registers at switch selectable addresses in the VME 16 or 24 bit addressing spaces
OPEN-DRAIN OUTPUTS Closure to ground, 200 mA max, 40 volts max, 2 Ω typical on resistance
Internal Zener clamp outputs to +45 volts nom. (See manual section 5.4)
LOGIC INPUTS Inputs grouped into four banks of 16 channels. Each bank has programmable threshold of 0 to +10V
Nominal 200KΩ impedance to ground, 40V max, 100 µs time constant hardware filtering
PULL-UPS 1 KΩ, each bank has programmable pull-up voltage of 0 to +10 V
DIGITAL DEBOUNCE Programmable per channel: off, 1 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+ 5 volts, 0.8 amp. max
+ 12 volts, 0.75 amp. max
- 12 volts, 0.75 amp max
Two 68-pin SCSI females, each 32 channels
INDICATORS LEDs indicate VME access, CPU activity, error conditions
Additional LED is user programmable
CONFORMANCE ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002) VMEbus spec

PDF Block Diagram: V250 digital input/output module

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