V220 12-channel VME current loop/process control I/O module

Current Loop/Process Control I/O - V220
  • 12 independently isolated, independently programmable channels
  • Capable of simulating both controllers and transducers, measuring loop voltages and currents, and simulating faults
  • Channel functions include:
    • 0 to 24 mA output using internal power source
    • 0 to 32 mA current control with external loop power
    • 0 to 32 mA loop current measurement
    • 0 to 18 V voltage output with current measurement
    • -5 to +32 volts voltage measurement
    • Open circuit
    • Short circuit
  • Voltage and current measurement in all modes
  • Operates up to 18 volts with internal power, 48 volts with external loop power
  • Protected to ± 50 volts in all modes
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • Separate test connector supports in-crate calibration check
  • Clearly labeled dipswitches set VME address; no jumpers, headers, or trimpots
  • Optional built-in self-test (BIST)
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The V220 is ideal for driving and sensing transducers in computer or PLC-based control systems. It can also be used to simulate complex industrial processes to control systems under development and certification.

All units are equipped with channel test relays and a front-panel D9 test connector, allowing channel performance and calibration to be verified without disconnecting field wiring.

An economical measurement-only version is also available.

FUNCTION 12-channel current-loop analog I/O module
DEVICE TYPE 16-bit VME register-based slave: A24:A16:D16
Implements 256 16 bit registers at switch selectable addresses in the VME 16 or 24 bit addressing spaces
CHANNELS 12, electrically isolated, independently programmable
CHANNEL MODES 0. Open circuit/voltmeter, -5 to +32 volts range
1. CV/CC out, internal power, 0 to 18 volts, 0 to 24 mA
2. Loop current control, external power, 0 to 32 mA, 48 volts max
3. 0 to 32 mA current measurement, 2 volts max drop
4. Short circuit, 20 Ω nominal, 200 mA max
RESPONSE TIME 1 ms typical; 100 ms in SLOW mode
PROTECTION ± 50 volts differential, ± 250 volts common-mode
ACCURACY ± 0.1% of range
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS version available
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 volts, 0.5 amp max
+12 volts, 750 mA max
-12 volts, 750 mA max
CONNECTORS Two D25 female, each 6 channels
One D9 male, test/calibration check
INDICATORS LEDs indicate VME access, CPU activity, error conditions
Additional LED is user programmable
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module
CONFORMANCE ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002) VMEbus spec

PDF Block Diagram: V220 current loop/process control I/O module

PDF Datasheet: V220 current loop/process control I/O module

PDF Manual: V220 current loop/process control I/O module

V220-1: 12-channel VME current loop/process control I/O module

V220-2: 12-channel VME current loop/process control I/O module w/ BIST