V180 16-channel VME AC power analysis module

AC Power Analysis Module - V180
  • Measures up to sixteen AC power circuits
  • Measures true RMS amps, volts, watts, KVAs, kilowatt-hours, and power factor
  • Interfaces to up to sixteen current transformers and up to two Highland C750 multiphase potential transducers
  • Highside: lowside potential inputs freely programmable using any combinations of potential connections
  • Pulse counting and KWH pulse output capability
  • Analog input capability
  • Waveform acquisition option
  • Temperature (RTD) measurement option
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The V180 is a single-width VME module that allows accurate and comprehensive measurement of AC power circuits. The V180 acquires powerline current and voltage inputs using approved current transformers and model C750 remote potential transducers. Up to sixteen CT sensors and eight potential connections (six lines plus two neutrals) can be accommodated: each CT may be combined with any potential pair to form sixteen virtual wattmeters. Each metering channel can acquire line voltage, current, true power, volt-amps, power factor, and kilowatt-hours; for polyphase circuits, multiple channels may be aggregated for power, KVA, power factor, and KWH measurements, allowing metering of up to six delta or four wye-connected 3-phase circuits simultaneously. All V180 measurements are true RMS. Power and KWH measurements have a usable dynamic range of over 10,000:1, allowing even small power flows to be resolved on high-current feeders.

The V180 includes eight digital I/Os that can be programmed to count or produce KWH pulses and ±5V analog input (12-bit resolution) capability. The on-demand waveform sampling option acquires real-time waveforms of any current and voltage pair, allowing detailed waveform examination and Fourier analysis of line harmonics. Temperature (RTD) and BTU measurement option also available. Accessories include a C760 field wiring termination panel, C750; 120 to 480 volt potential transducer unit and current transformer from 5 to 1200 amps.

FUNCTION 16-channel VME AC power analysis module
DEVICE TYPE Register based slave: A16:D16:D08(EO)
ADDRESSING 256-byte data block in bus A16 address range C000-FF80 hex: bus address set by onboard dipswitch
INPUT/OUTPUT 8 voltage (potential) inputs
8 digital I/Os programmable as pulse counters, as KWH pulse outputs, or as general purpose I/O
16 CT inputs
Options: 8 CT inputs and 8 CT/temperature inputs
CT inputs double as ±5 V analog inputs
POWER Standard VME supplies:
+5 V: 3 A
+12 V: 500 mA
-12 V: 500 mA
CONNECTORS One D37 female connector on front panel
PACKAGING 6U single-wide VME module
CONFORMANCE ANSI/VITA 1-1994 (R2002) VMEbus spec; does not support byte writes

PDF Datasheet: V180 AC power analysis module

PDF Manual: V180 AC power analysis module

V180-1: 16-channel VME AC power analysis module