T850 compact pockels cell driver

Pockels Cell Driver
  • Compact, high-efficiency pockels cell driver
  • 250-1400 volts peak into capacitive load
  • Typical pulse width 7.5 ns FWHM
  • Pulse rates to > 5 MHz
  • Volume under 20 cubic inches
  • Uses low voltage power supply, < 80 watts typical
  • TTL pulse trigger in, HV pulse scope monitor out
  • Clean baseline allows pulse picking up to 100 MHz
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The T850 Pockels Cell Driver is a fraction of the size, power consumption, and price of conventional devices. Its small size and very low power requirements allow it to be mounted immediately adjacent to the Pockels Cell in an optical system. There are no fans or other sources of vibration.

Highland can furnish complementary standard and custom timing controllers to manage pulse picking, Q-switching, chirped pulse amplification, cavity dumping, and two-photon microscopy.

The T850 is available as an OEM product under NDA only. The minimum order quantity starts at 50 pieces. Loaner units are available for demonstration for up to 30 days.

The T850 is available as an OEM/custom product. Specifications are given to illustrate functionality.
FUNCTION Pockels Cell driver
TIMING INPUT Nominal 100 ns, source-terminated 50 ohm, 5 volt pulse
The falling edge of TRIG input fires shot
PULSE RATE 0 to 4 MHz at 1000 volts peak, 10 pF load
0 to 3 MHz at 1200 volts peak, 10 pF load
PROPAGATION DELAY 14 ns nominal, TRIG falling edge to pulse peak
POCKELS OUTPUT Positive near-Gaussian pulse, nom 7.5 ns FWHM
10 pF nom load
Programmable 200 to 1200 volts peak via TRIG width
Optional AC coupling for zero average Pockels cell bias
MONITOR OUTPUTS VMON 1/200 of Pockels drive, into 50 ohm oscilloscope
TMON waveform depicts major timings
JITTER < 30 ps RMS
CONTROL 10-pin ribbon cable connector for analog control/supervision
POWER +48 volts DC via locking barrel connector
Current typ 1 A at 4 MHz trigger rate, 1KV out
Wall-plug supply available for evaluation
Control: 2x5 100 mil centers shrouded ribbon header
Power: 2.5 mm locking barrel
Pockels cell: Phoenix barrier strip
PACKAGING OEM embedded, approx. 3.0" x 4.2" printed circuit board on 0.25" thick aluminum baseplate
COOLING Customer cold plate required above 500 KHz

T850-1: compact pockels cell driver

J40: 48 volt 1 amp power supply

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable