T840 2-channel high voltage driver

High Voltage Driver
  • Two independently controlled channels
  • Generates 0 to +1200 volt fast pulses into PLZT elements, piezos, e/o modulators, or vacuum electronic devices
  • Each channel is separately triggered and programmable for pulse voltage and DC bias
  • TTL trigger
  • OEM circuit board uses external 24 volt power; packaged versions optional
  • 3.9” x 6.5” PCB for embedded application
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The Highland model T840 is a two-channel high-voltage pulser intended to drive PLZT electro-optical modulators, piezo elements, vacuum photo devices, and similar capacitive loads.

FUNCTION Embedded 2-channel pulsed driver
VOLTAGE VP Pulsed voltage, 0 to +1200 volts, applied to PLZT terminal 1
0 to 900 volts in LV mode
BASELINE VN 0 to -400 volts bias applied to PLZT terminal 2
Optional bipolar bias
LOAD Approximately 50 pF capacitive load per channel
RISETIME Tr, Tf 10 µs max
PULSE WIDTH Tw 50 µs min
PULSE PERIOD Tp 100 µs min, 10 KHz max pulse rate
CONTROL TTL trigger input sets Tw and Tp for both channels
Switchable common/individual channel triggers
Four 0-10 volt analog inputs set bias and pulse amplitudes
CONNECTORS One D25 female connector
24 volts DC power in
Two trigger inputs, TTL, optionally commoned
Four output level programs, 0-10 volts in
Two 500:1 attenuated signal monitors out
Two temperature monitors out
Two PLZT interfaces, 5 wires each, Phoenix terminal strips
VP positive HV pulse out
VN negative bias voltage out
+24 for PLZT heater out
Temperature monitor in
PACKAGING OEM embedded, printed-circuit board, approx. 6.5 x 3.9 x 1"
CONFORMANCE Best-effort conformance to UL/IEC 60950 and FCC/CE requirements
No formal testing or certifications at board level
ROHS/REACH compliant

PDF Block Diagram: T840 2-channel high voltage driver

PDF Datasheet: T840 2-channel high voltage driver

PDF Manual: T840 2-channel high voltage driver

T840-1: 2-channel high voltage driver

J53-1: 3′ SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6″ SMB to BNC cable

T841: Breakout board for T840 pulser bench testing