T760 dual-channel compact high voltage optical-to-electrical converter

High Voltage O/E Converter - T760
  • Two transformer-isolated digital pulse outputs
  • Adjustable pulse amplitudes from 5 volts to 80 volts (-1 version) or 100 volts (-2 version) into 50 Ω
  • Outputs clean, flat pulses with typical risetimes below 1 nanosecond (-1 version) or 2.5 nanoseconds (-2 version)
  • Two 850 nanometer fiberoptic inputs with analog signal monitors and adjustable trigger thresholds
  • External universal power supply or 12-volt DC power
  • Compatible with Highland J720, J724, V720, and P730 optical pulse sources
  • Ideal accessory for Highland’s P400 and T560 digital delay/pulse generators, and the T34x family of embedded waveform generators
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The T760 converts two digital fiberoptic inputs into high-level isolated electrical pulse outputs. Each optical input has an individual digital threshold trimpot, analog signal monitor, and threshold test point, allowing optimum setting of receive thresholds.

Digital outputs are transformer isolated. A single trimpot, with test point, sets the digital output levels from 5 volts to 80-100 volts peak.

Electrical outputs directly follow optical inputs.

Highland also offers the T750, a 4-channel high-voltage transformer-isolated pulse driver.

FUNCTION Dual-channel compact high voltage optical-to-electrical converter
INPUTS Two 850 nm fiberoptic ST inputs
1 mW nominal, single or multimode
OPTICAL THRESHOLD Trimpot adjustable per channel, 250 µW to 1500 µW
Monitor outputs and trigger level test points provided
OUTPUTS Two individually-isolated transformer-coupled square pulses with common amplitude adjustment
T760-1: 5 to 80 volts into an external 50 Ω load
T760-2: 5 to 100 volts into an external 50 Ω load
Tip jacks monitor logic threshold and output level
750 ns width, 6.5% duty cycle max at 5 volts
270 ns width, 0.5% duty cycle max at 80 volts
200 ns width, 0.2% duty cycle max at 100 volts
RISETIME T760-1: less than 1 ns typ.
T760-2: less than 2.5 ns typ.
FALLTIME See manual section 4.5
JITTER Less than 30 ps RMS
POWER +12 volts, 0.8 amps max
Highland J12 wall-plug power supply is included
Signals: SMB
Power, 2.1 x 5.5 mm coaxial, center positive
Tip jacks monitor for high voltage output level
Tip jacks monitor trigger threshold level
INDICATORS Green power on LED
PACKAGING 4.75" (L) x 4.05" (W) x 1.25" (H) extruded aluminum enclosure

PDF Datasheet: T760 optical-to-electrical converter

PDF Manual: T760 optical-to-electrical converter

T760-1: 850 nm dual-channel compact 80V optical-to-electrical converter with ST/SMB connectors

T760-2: 850 nm dual-channel compact 100V optical-to-electrical converter with ST/SMB connectors

J12: 12 volt power supply

J14: International plug adapter set for J12

J50: 50 ohm SMB terminator

J59: 3' ST to ST fiberoptic cable (multi mode simplex)

J60: 3' FC to FC fiberoptic cable (single mode simplex)

J61: 3' ST to ST fiberoptic cable (single mode simplex)

J720 single-channel compact electrical-to-fiberoptic converter

J724 single-channel compact buffered electrical-to-fiberoptic converter

T566: Mounting flange