T346 4-channel compact 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator w/ complex modulation

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - T346
  • Four independently programmable waveform outputs: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square/PWM, Gaussian noise, and arbitrary waveforms
  • Four additional internal wave generators are available as modulation or summing sources
  • Channels may be synchronized for coordinated polyphase or time-sync'd signals at same or ratio frequencies
  • 0-32 MHz outputs with milli-Hertz resolution
  • Up to 10.24 volts peak-to-peak output, programmable 5:1 attenuation and DC offset
  • Test output and BIST are included
  • External universal power supply or 12-volt DC power
  • RS-232 interface standard; Ethernet optional
  • OEM packaged or board-only custom
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The T346 is a compact 4-channel, 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator. It incorporates four DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce coherent signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, Gaussian noise, and precision pulse/PWM outputs. User-loaded arbitrary waveforms may be generated.

Four additional waveform generators are provided internally as modulation/summing sources. Channel-channel modulation capability allows generation of sweeps, chirps, I/Q and constellations, and calibrated jitter, and simulation of a wide range of radar, communications, power, encoders, and electro-mechanical systems.

The T34x family of generators includes the T340 and T344.

The T346 can be an ideal system replacement for the HP models 3314A, 3325A, 3325B, 3326A, 8111A, 8116A, 8165A, 8175A, and 8904A.

FUNCTION 4-channel arbitrary waveform generator
STANDARD WAVEFORMS Sine, sawtooth, triangle, Gaussian noise, or square/pulse/PWM outputs
ARBITRARY WAVEFORM 4096 point, 16 bit user-loadable arbitrary waveform with programmable hardware interpolation
SIGNAL SWING Normal range: ±5.12 V ±1%
Attenuated range: ±1.024 V ±1%
IMPEDANCE 50 Ω nominal output impedance
DC OFFSET ± 2 mV typ, 15-35°C
± 10 mV max, 0-60°C
GAIN ERROR ± 0.5 % max
FLATNESS -0.1 dB @ 12 MHz typical
-1 dB @ 32 MHz typical
-3 dB @ 46 MHz typical
Amplitude rolls off monotonically with frequency
DAC RESOLUTION 14 bit DAC output resolution
FREQUENCY RANGES High range: 0 to 32 MHz with 0.0149 Hz resolution
Mid range: 0 to 4 MHz with 0.0018 Hz resolution
Low range: 0 to 250 KHz with 116 µHz resolution
Extra range usable to 40 MHz
GAUSSIAN NOISE Programmable amplitude 0 to 1 V RMS, programmable 3 dB bandwidth 0 to 2 MHz
PHASE SHIFT 1/65536 cycles ≈ 0.0055°
PWM DUTY RESOLUTION 1/65536 = 0.0015%
SUMMING Any channel may be summed with the output of channel 1 to 7, cascadable in any groupings
Sums may be modulation sources
MODULATION Any channel may be amplitude, frequency, phase, or PWM modulated by the outputs of channels 1 to 7, in any combination
MODULATIONS Channel to channel AM, FM, PM, PWM
Adds internal channels 4 to 7 as modulation and summing sources
Lockable to external 10 MHz source
COMMUNICATIONS RS-232 standard, 38.4 kbaud
10/100 Ethernet
CONNECTORS Signals, SMB jacks
Power, 2.5 mm coaxial, center positive
RS-232 and alternate power, D9 female
Ethernet RJ45
POWER +12 V, 750 mA max
Universal AC adapter supplied for evaluation
PACKAGING 4.75" (L) x 4.05" (W) x 1.25" (H) extruded aluminum enclosure
CONFORMANCE OEM product has no UL/FCC/CE compliance requirements
Designed to meet UL/FCC/CE requirements
Power adapter when furnished is UL/CE certified

PDF Block Diagram: T346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

PDF Datasheet: T346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

PDF Manual: T346 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator

T346-1: 4-channel compact 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with complex modulation and ethernet

T346-3: board only embedded 4-channel compact 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with complex modulation and ethernet (10 piece minimum order quantity)

T346-9: 4-channel compact 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with complex modulation and ethernet evaluation kit (includes T346-1, J12 wall-plug power supply, T566 removable mounting flange, one J57-1 RS-232 cable, four J53-1 3’ SMB to BNC cables, test software, and a manual)

J12: 12 volt power supply

J14: International plug adapter set for J12

J41-1: 3′ SMB to SMB cable

J41-2: 6″ SMB to SMB cable

J53-1: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable

J57-1: 6′ D9 male to D9 female RS232 cable

J57-2: 10′ D9 male to D9 female RS232 cable

T566: mounting flange

T750: 4-channel compact high-voltage driver

T760: dual-channel compact high voltage optical-to-electrical converter