T340 4-channel compact function generator

Function Generator - T340
  • Four independently programmable waveform outputs: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square/PWM
  • Channels may be synchronized to produce coordinated polyphase or time-aligned PWM signals at same or ratioed frequencies
  • 0 to 2 MHz outputs with millihertz resolution
  • Up to 20.48 volts peak to peak output, programmable 10:1 attenuation and DC offset
  • Test output and BIST are included
  • External universal power supply or 12-volt DC power
  • RS-232 serial interface standard; Ethernet optional
  • OEM packaged or board-only custom
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The T340 is a compact standalone waveform generator. It incorporates four internal DDS waveform synthesizers that may be used independently or synchronously to produce polyphase signals. Waveforms include sine, triangle, sawtooth, and precision square/PWM outputs.

Test relays allow any output to be diverted to a test connector for in-system calibration verification. Built-In-Self-Test is provided.

The T34x family of generators includes the T344 and T346, which provide the features of the T340 but add arbitrary waveform capability, AM/FM/PM modulations, summing, global synchronizations, and extend frequency outputs to as much as 32 MHz.

FUNCTION 4-channel compact function generator
CHANNELS 4, DC coupled with 50 Ω output impedance
OUTPUTS 4 separate or synchronized sine, sawtooth, triangle, or square/pulse/PWM outputs, programmable frequency 0 to 2 MHz with 0.003725 Hz resolution
14 bit DAC output resolution
Two programmable amplitude ranges, ± 10.24 V and ± 1.024 V
Programmable DC offset anywhere within amplitude range
Programmable phase and PWM duty cycle
GAIN ERROR 2 % max Typically < 0.2% to 100 KHz
FREQUENCY ACCURACY ± 0.02% Typically < 20 PPM
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER +12 V, 700 mA max
Universal AC adapter supplied with evaluation kit
COMMUNICATIONS RS-232 standard, 38.4 kbaud
Optional 10/100 Ethernet
CONNECTORS Outputs and test, SMB jack
Power, 2.5 mm coaxial, center positive
RS-232 and alternate power, D9 female
INDICATORS LEDs for communications, error
PACKAGING 4.0" (L) x 4.75" (W) x 1.25" (H) extruded aluminum
CONFORMANCE OEM product has no UL/FCC/CE compliance requirements
Designed to meet UL/FCC/CE requirements
Power adapter when furnished is UL/CE certified

PDF Block Diagram: T340 function generator

PDF Datasheet: T340 function generator

PDF Manual: T340 function generator

T340-1: 4-channel compact function generator

T340-2: 4-channel compact function generator with Ethernet

J12: 12 volt power supply

J14: International plug adapter set for J12

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable

T566: Mounting flange

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