T240 single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

Pulse Generator - T240
  • Generates fast complementary pulse outputs
  • Programmable delay and pulse width in two ranges
  • Programmable amplitude from 0 to 750 millivolts nominal
  • Risetime / falltime 75 picoseconds typical
  • Pulse width down to 100 picoseconds FWHM
  • Programmable trigger threshold
  • Powered by USB or standard 5-volt micro-USB power supply
  • Control via USB, RS232, or trimpots; optional SPI
  • Compact extruded enclosure with optional mounting flange
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The T240 is an externally-triggered pulse generator with complementary outputs, originally designed for driving electrical/optical modulators through suitable power amplifiers and bias tees.

Rise and fall times under 100 picoseconds and a programmable range of pulse widths make the T240 ideal for driving seed lasers in pumped fiber systems and RF applications including fast-pulse modulation, phase shifting, and harmonic generation.

Other applications include time-domain device characterization and modeling, semiconductor test, and system cable/timing trims.

FUNCTION Externally-triggered complementary-output pulse generator
TRIGGER Rising-edge trigger, 50 Ω input impedance, DC coupled
Threshold is programmable from -2.5 to +2.5 volts
Max safe input is ± 3.3 volts
PROPAGATION DELAY Range 1: 3 ns nominal insertion delay
Range 2: 10 ns nominal insertion delay
COMPLEMENTARY OUTPUTS User adjustable 0 to ± 750 mV (nominal, ± 675 mV, min) peak into 50 Ω loads
Nominal 5 Ω output impedance
AC coupled; optional DC-coupled LVPECL/LVDS outputs
PULSE RATE Min pulse rate is 0 Hz
Range 1: max 70-125 MHz depending on delay/width settings
Range 2: max 20-50 MHz depending on delay/width settings
RISE/FALL TIMES 75 ps nominal, measured at 10/90%
PROGRAMMABLE TIMINGS Range 1: delay 0 to 2.5 ns, width 100 ps to 2.5 ns, d+w < 2.5 ns
Range 2: delay 0 to 25 ns, width 250 ps to 25 ns, d+w < 25 ns
JITTER Range 1: < 5 ps RMS, typical < 3 ps RMS
Range 2: < 10 ps RMS
CONTROL Standard: trimpots, RS232, and USB; optional SPI
POWER +5 volts at 500 mA nom via USB connector
Highland model J5 power supply is supplied
Micro/AB for power and USB control
D9 female for optional power/RS232/SPI
PACKAGING Extruded anodized aluminum enclosure

PDF Datasheet: T240 single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

PDF Manual: T240 single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

T240-1: single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator

T240-3: single-channel USB-programmable DC-coupled pulse generator with LVDS outputs

T240-9: single-channel USB-programmable pulse generator evaluation kit (includes T240-1, J5 power supply, J48 SMA terminator, and T566 mounting flange)

J5: wall-plug USB power supply with 3' cable

J48: 50 ohm SMA terminator

T566: mounting flange