P470 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

PCI Express Crate Controller - V120
  • 8 fully isolated analog output channels, each independently programmable for mode and output range
  • Voltage mode: provides 20-bit resolution with programmable output voltage range of
    ± 100 millivolts
  • Thermocouple mode: simulates most common thermocouples (types J, K, E, T, R, S, B and N)
  • NIST-standard lookup tables are included to allow direct entry of simulated temperatures in °C
  • Two precision RTD signal conditioners for external reference junction temperature sensing, plus one on-board RTD reference junction sensor
  • Any thermocouple simulation channel can be associated with any reference
  • Provision for open and reverse thermocouple simulation
  • Separate calibration port allows users to check calibration without moving connectors
  • Compatible with optional J470 isothermal junction box with integrated RTD reference junction sensor or J475 DIN rail field wiring interface board
  • 4 versatile digital input/output lines
  • Full-function Built-In Self-Test (BIST)
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Controllable via serial ASCII commands or web interface
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The P470 is a standalone 8-channel thermocouple simulator. It is intended for system-level testing of process control systems, FADEC engine controllers, and other critical systems.

It includes eight independent, isolated channels that can simulate all common thermocouple types or generate direct millivolt outputs, and includes thermocouple fault simulation. Outputs feature 20 bit resolution and damage protection up to 240 volts RMS.

Any P470 channel can use the internal reference junction sensor, either of two external RTD sensors, or software-simulated reference junction temperatures.

Both USB and Ethernet interfaces are provided. Control is via text commands or through the internal web page server. Only a web browser is needed to exercise all P470 functions, but the simple ascii command set facilitates integration into larger user scenarios.

The P470 includes built-in-self-test and a test connector which allow in-system calibration check without removing field wiring.

Four versatile digital I/O ports are provided, each CMOS/TTL compatible and capable of driving relays or LEDs.

The P470 is compatible with the Highland model J470 isothermal thermocouple termination box and with the J475 DIN rail termination panel.

FUNCTION 8-channel isolated thermocouple simulation module
RANGES Programmable per channel
Bipolar voltage range: ± 100 mV
Thermocouples: Types J K E T R S B N
RESOLUTION Voltage mode, 20 bits: 0.2 µV/LSB
Temperature simulation mode, 0.1°C
OUTPUT CHANNEL PROTECTION ± 350 volts peak (250 volts RMS) differential or common-mode, 5 KV ESD
RTD INPUTS Two non-isolated thermocouple reference junction inputs for 100 ohm 4-wire PT 385 RTD
RTD PROTECTION Shorts to ground, 5 KV ESD
DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUT 4 digital I/O channels, TTL/CMOS compatible
32V max input voltage
250 mA max sink current
Direct LED drive
ONBOARD SENSOR 100R Platinum 4-wire RTD
± 0.5°C typical accuracy
POWER 24 VDC typical (23.5 to 25.5 V)
Nominal 200 mA
External AC/DC supply included
CONNECTORS 1 D25 female for 8 channels and two RTDs
1 D9 male for test
1 D9 female for DIO
1 securable 2.1 x 5.5 mm power barrel connector with center pin positive
PACKAGING 7.0" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 2.25" (H) Aluminum enclosure
INDICATORS LEDs indicate power, communications and error
Additional LED is user programmable
COMMUNICATIONS Micro-USB serial port emulator, 115.2 kbaud
10/100 Ethernet
CONFORMANCE Thermocouple tables based on NIST/ITS-90
RTD tables per IEC-751 for 385 curve RTDs
Accuracy Specifications:
Channel Output Accuracy ± 5 µV Offset
± 50 ppm Gain
± 35 µV Offset
± 500 ppm Gain
± 70 µV Offset
± 1200 ppm Gain
RTD Measurement Accuracy - ± 500 ppm of RTD resistance ± 1000 ppm of RTD resistance

PDF Block Diagram: P470 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

PDF Datasheet: P470 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

PDF Manual: P470 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

P470-1: 8-channel benchtop thermocouple simulator

J24: 24 volt 1.2 amp power supply

J27: 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel to pigtail power cable

J55: 6′ shielded D25 male to D25 male cable

J56: 10′ shielded D25 male to D25 male cable

J71: Dual D9 female to Agilent 34104A cable

J75-1: D9 female to two(2) dual banana plug cable

J470: 8-channel D25 female isothermal termination box

J475-2: 8-channel D25 female Din rail termination panel w/ reference junction sensor

P51: mounting flange