M550 8-channel CAMAC LVDT scanner

CAMAC LVDT Scanner - M550
  • Conditions eight LVDT-type position transducers
  • Self-scanning with onboard microprocessor
  • Presents scaled, normalized position data to the CAMAC dataway
  • 16-bit resolution with programmable noise filtering
  • Single-width CAMAC module

The M550 is a single-width CAMAC module which will acquire position data from up to eight LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) position sensors. The LVDT sensors are excited by an ultrastable synthesized sinewave generator, and conditioned by a precision 16-bit A/D converter followed by digital signal processing. The resident microprocessor supervises scanning and signal conditioning, and places updated position data in CAMAC-accessible dual-ported data registers for instant access from the CAMAC dataway.

The M550 provides 16-bit resolution, allowing submicron measurement with commercially available LVDTs. Users may select a range of DSP filtering factors to trade off position noise against acquisition rate.

The M550 provides unprecedented signal acquisition accuracy. Total RMS error (including absolute error, noise, and all drifts) is typically under 1.5 LSBs, equivalent to less than 25 PPM of full-scale span.

This product is not recommended for new design. Consult factory for more information.
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