M460 16-channel CAMAC intelligent analog scanner

CAMAC Analog Scanner - M460
  • Available as a cryogenic diode scanner, platinum RTD temperature sensor, and general purpose bridge scanner
  • 16 channels in a single-width CAMAC module
  • Self-scanning with dual port memory
  • Data available in engineering units: degrees C, F, or K or volts
  • Full sensor linearization and failure detection
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-wire sensor connections
  • Matching termination panel is available

The M460 is a single-width CAMAC module which will acquire and linearize sixteen external sensors, including silicon diode cryogenic temperature sensors, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and hall-effect, strain gauge, or other bridge-type sensors.

The module includes a precision constant current source, CMOS multiplexer, input amplifier, high-precision integrating A/D converter, microprocessor controller, and dual-port memory interface to the CAMAC Dataway. The microprocessor performs continuous zero checking, input scanning, linearization, and error checking for all sixteen channels, presenting measured temperatures and voltages and status flags in a zero access time dual-port memory. Data may be presented in degrees C, F, K, or in volts, with resolution of .01 degree or 40 microvolts. Digital filtering is selectable. A front panel mounted test connector and front access trimpots allow the module to be checked and calibrated in place, without removing signal cables.

The M760 Termination Panel provides for the connection of field wiring to sixteen sensor inputs.

This product is not recommended for new design. Consult factory for more information.