J750 single-channel compact wideband amplifier

Wideband Amplifier - J750
  • Operates as general-purpose wideband amplifier
  • Pickoff mode samples and amplifies loop-through signals
  • Photodiode mode provides diode bias and allows fast photodiode to be located at the end of a coaxial cable
  • Fixed gain of 40dB (100x), DC to 1 GHz
  • Typical risetime below 350 picoseconds
  • Adjustable DC offset
  • Operates from standard 12 volt "wall wart" power supply
  • Compact extruded enclosure is supplied with mounting flange
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The J750 is a self-contained DC to 1 GHz electrical signal amplifier. It is suitable for general-purpose instrumentation and has provision for loop-through (signal pickoff) and photodiode applications.

FUNCTION Fixed-gain, general-purpose DC to 1 GHz amplifier with loop-through and photodiode modes
INPUT Input signal level: ≤ ±20 millivolts, peak
Input impedance: 1 kΩ (50 Ω when loop-through connector is terminated)
Highland J50 SMB terminator is furnished
GAIN 40 dB (100x) into Hi-Z load, non-inverting
34 dB (50x) into 50 Ω load, non-inverting
OUTPUT Output signal level:
≤ ±2 volt, peak (Hi-Z load)
≤ ±1 volt, peak (50 Ω load)
Output impedance:
50 Ω, source terminated
NOISE 5 mV RMS into 50 Ω load, typical
Equivalent to 100 µV RMS input noise, 3.2 nV/√Hz
DC OFFSET Adjustable
±1 volt (Hi-Z load, relative to output)
±500 millivolts (50 Ω load, relative to output)
BIAS CURRENT 8 µA, typical
PHOTODIODE EXCITATION +9 volts on coaxial cable shield, user selectable On/Off
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER +12 volts at 100 mA, max
Highland J12 power supply recommended
CONNECTORS Gold plated SMB Input, Loop/Term, Output jacks (SMA optional)
2.1 mm X 5.5 mm barrel power connector
INDICATOR LED: green power
PACKAGING 3.3″ (L) x 2.1″ (W) x 0.9″ (H) extruded anodized aluminum enclosure

PDF Datasheet: J750 wideband amplifier

PDF Manual: J750 wideband amplifier

J750-1: single-channel compact wideband amplifier

J12: 12 volt power supply

J14: International plug adapter set for J12

J41: 3' SMB to SMB cable

J41-2: 6" SMB to SMB cable

J42: 3' SMB to SMA cable

J44: 3' SMA to SMA cable

J50: 50 ohm SMB Terminator

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable