J240 single-channel compact pulse generator

Pulse Generator - J240
  • User-adjustable amplitude from 0 to 750 millivolts nominal
  • Generates fast complementary outputs
  • Available with rectangular or Gaussian output pulses
  • Risetime / falltime 65 picoseconds, nominal
  • Adjustable trigger threshold and output amplitude
  • Adjustable output width (-1 units only)
  • Operates from standard 12-volt "wall wart" power supply
  • Compact extruded anodized aluminum enclosure is supplied with mounting flange
  • Ideal source for time-domain device model extraction
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The J240 is an externally-triggered pulse generator with complementary outputs and adjustable trigger levels.

The J240-1 version outputs 140 picosecond FWHM complementary Gaussian pulses at the rising edge of the trigger input. A trimpot adjusts the amplitude from zero to 750 mV peak. AC-coupled outputs.

The J240-2 driver output follows the input and the WIDTH pot is inoperative. AC-coupled outputs.

The J240-3 is a DC-coupled signal follower which provides LVPECL outputs when its outputs are terminated with 50 ohms to ground.

FUNCTION Externally-triggered complementary-output pulse generator
TRIGGER Rising-edge trigger, 50Ω input impedance
Threshold is user adjustable from -4 to +4 volts
Threshold test point is provided
OUTPUT User adjustable amplitude 0 to ± 750 mV nominal (± 650 mV min) (50Ω load)
Nominal 5Ω output impedance
J240-1 and -2 are AC coupled
J240-3 is DC coupled LVPECL
BANDWIDTH DC to 1 GHz repetition rate
RISETIME 65 ps, nominal (20% to 80%)
FALLTIME 65 ps, nominal (20% to 80%)
PULSEWIDTH Factory adjusted to 140 ps FWHM, nominal (J240-1)
J240-2 and -3 widths follow the input
JITTER < 10 ps RMS
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0 to 60°C; extended MIL/COTS ranges available
POWER +12 volts at 150 mA, max
CONNECTORS Gold plated SMA input and output jacks standard; (SMB optional)
Trigger Threshold level test point
2.1 mm X 5.5 mm barrel power connector
INDICATOR LED: green power
PACKAGING 3.3" (L) x 2.1" (W) x 0.9" (H) extruded anodized aluminum enclosure

PDF Datasheet: J240 pulse generator

PDF Manual: J240 pulse generator

J240-1: single-channel compact pulse generator with 130 ps nominal Gaussian pulse outputs and rising-edge trigger

J240-2: single-channel compact pulse generator/input follower with 60 ps nominal 20:80 rise/fall time

J240-3: single-channel compact pulse generator/input follower with 60 ps nominal 20:80 rise/fall time LVPECL

J12: 12 volt power supply

J14: International plug adapter set for J12

J42: 3' SMB to SMA cable

J44: 3' SMA to SMA cable

J53: 3' SMB to BNC cable

J53-2: 6" SMB to BNC cable