D200 diode laser driver

Diode Laser Driver - D200
  • Selectable DC-coupled input follower or pulse generator modes
  • Built-in edge-triggered pulse generator, up to 1 microsecond width
  • Laser drive current up to 4 amps, 0 to 100% duty cycle
  • Rise/fall times, 2 nanoseconds, typical
  • Thermal protection
  • Low inductance laser connections are suited to direct laser connection, or attachment to interposer boards or flex transmission lines
  • Highly stable constant-current laser drive
  • Laser current and pulse widths are set by onboard trimpots or external analog inputs
  • Powered by 5 to 12 volts through 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, or ribbon cable interface connector
  • 4-inch x 4-inch PCB for embedded application
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The D200 is a compact, DC-coupled fast laser driver, providing up to 4 amps of regulated constant current. A built-in edge-triggered pulse generator produces up to 1 microsecond pulse widths and 2 nanosecond transition times, capable of driving lasers with forward voltages up to 9 volts. A pulse-follower mode is also provided, accommodating externally-defined trigger widths up to 100% duty continuous-wave (CW). Power, pulse width, drive current and differential triggering functions are accessible through a ribbon cable header for embedded OEM applications. A low-inductance laser drive interface permits direct laser connection or custom interposer and flex-cable attachment.

The D200 is compatible with Highland's model P400 4-channel benchtop digital delay and pulse generator and model T560 4-channel compact digital delay and pulse generator.

FUNCTION Diode laser driver with internal pulse width generator
TRIGGER INPUT Switchable single-ended (SE) or differential
SE Threshold is fixed 0.4 volts, 50 ohm load
Differential input is LVDS/ECL/LVPECL/CML, 100 ohm load
Pulse mode trigger rate, 0 to 30 MHz; min trigger width 1 ns
Follower mode trigger rate, 0 to 100 MHz
PROPAGATION DELAY 5 ns, typical, follower range
13 ns, typical, narrow-width range
35 ns, typical, medium-width range
276 ns, typical, wide-width range
INTERNAL PULSE GENERATOR Pulse mode triggers on input rising edge
Width adjustable up to 1 µs in 3 ranges
LASER DRIVE OUTPUT 0 to 4 amps adjustable
Current source compliance supports up to 9 volt lasers
Current source program accuracy variation < 1%
Duty cycle 0 to 100%
RISE/FALL TIMES 2 ns nominal
JITTER 15 ps RMS, typical, ≤ 40ps RMS, guaranteed, narrow-width range
35 ps RMS, typical, ≤ 100ps RMS, guaranteed, medium-width range
175 ps RMS, typical, ≤ 500ps RMS, guaranteed, wide-width range
CONTROL Two trimpots or analog inputs set laser ON current and pulse width
Analog inputs are 0 to +5 volts, 1.5 KΩ load
Follower / pulse mode is switch selected
Pulse width range is switch selected
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -20° C to +60° C, non-condensing
Self-resetting over-temperature shutdown
POWER +5 to +12 volts via barrel connector or ribbon header
Current consumption: 5.5 amp max
CONNECTORS Single-ended input: SMB connector
LVDS/PECL, control, power: 10-pin 50-mil 2x5 ribbon cable header
MONITOR output: SMB connector
Power: 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, center pin positive
PACKAGING 4-inch x 4-inch printed circuit board

PDF Datasheet: D200 diode laser driver

PDF Manual: D200 diode laser driver

D200-9: picosecond laser diode driver evaluation kit (includes D200-1, J205 universal 5V power supply, two J53 SMB to BNC cables, D203 mounting block, D204 thermal pad, and hardware)

D169: laser driver test set

J12: 12 volt power supply wall-plug, 1 amp, USA plug

J14: international plug adapter set for J12 and J205

J53-1: 3′ SMB to BNC cable

J205: 5 volt power supply wall-plug, 3 amp, USA plug