D100 compact 250A laser driver

High Current Laser Driver- D100
  • Constant-current pulsed drive up to 250 amps into 30 volt laser load
  • Trimpot or external analog programming of current and pulse width
  • Trimpots serve as laser current and pulse width limits in external-programming mode
  • Thermal and safe-operating-area protections of power drivers
  • LED indicators: Power, OK, Trigger
  • 4.2 x 3.5 inch printed-circuit board
  • Single external power supply 20 to 48 volts; compatible with embedded or wall-wart supplies
  • Evaluation kits are available
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The D100 is a constant-current pulsed laser driver capable of driving bar laser stacks or VCSEL arrays up to 250 amps and 30 volts. Current and pulse width can be set by on-board trimpots or user-provided signals. The D100 provides user-settable peak current and pulse width limiting circuits for laser protection, and thermal/SOAR protections for the onboard power semiconductors.

The D100-9 is a full evaluation kit, including power supplies and cables.

FUNCTION High power pulsed laser driver
TRIGGER INPUT CMOS/TTL PULSE input enables laser current
Threshold +1 volts typ, protected to ± 20 volts
Nom 1K to ground, optional 50 Ω termination
TIMING MODES A) Laser drive follows PULSE input
B) Laser drive follows PULSE input with trimpot pulse width limit
C) PULSE input rising edge triggers trimpot-set pulse width
Pulse width/limit adjustable with trimpot from 50 µs to 1000 µs
LASER OUTPUT Constant-current drive
Trimpot or user adjustable 10 to 250 amps
Compliance up to 30 volts at 250 amps, 750 µs with 48 volt power supply
MAX POWER DISSIPATION 12 watts free air
30 watts with 500 LFPM air flow
60 watts with optional heat sink
TEMPERATURE RANGE Operating, 0 to 60°C; to -40°C with restrictions
Non-operating, -40 to 80°C
Laser ON/OFF
Current setpoint POT / External
Timing modes A, B, C
ISET: current set / limit trimpot, 10-250 amps
PW: pulse width set / limit trimpot, 50-1000 µs
POWER User-furnished +20 to +48 volts DC
Reverse and startup-surge protected
HV Present LED and bleeder provided
CONNECTORS V+, GND, LASER A, LASER K: 0.25" male fastons
TRIG : SMB trigger input, CMOS/TTL
IMON : SMB current monitor output, 5 volts at 250 amps
VLMON : SMB laser anode – cathode voltage output, VAK / 5
ILK : 3-pin laser drive interlock
20-pin ribbon cable connector provides full control and supervision
PACKAGING 3.5" x 4.2" printed circuit board
2" nom height

PDF Datasheet: D100 compact 250A laser driver

PDF Manual: D100 compact 250A laser driver

D100-1: compact 250A laser driver

D100-9: compact 250A laser driver evaluation kit (includes: D100-1, J24 24 volt power supply, J53-1 SMB to BNC cable, and D106 mounting flange)

J24: 24 volt 1.2 amp power supply

J40: 48 volt 1 amp laptop-type power supply

J53-1: 3′ SMB to BNC cable

J105: Interlock jumper